Sunday, July 26, 2009

First thoughts

I have been interested in puppets ever since my mom sent me to a summer camp at Volunteer Park when I was quite young. Recently, I went to an exhibit on puppets at the Frye Museum in Seattle that got me thinking a lot. Here are some links about that exhibition:

I particularly like Javanese shadow puppets (wayang kulit) and derivatives.

The intricacy of their lacey outlines appeals to my love of complication and my preference for 2D and pattern over 3D and volume. I bought a wooden rendition of one of these several years ago at an International music festival, and I need to re-look at the film THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, where I think they play a role. It was fascinating to learn that Julie Taymor began her long career in puppertry in Indonesia.

One of the most impressive pieces at the exhibition was a video of a shadow puppet show by Kara Walker, giving movement to her intricate and grotesque silhouettes.


Contemporary Shadow Puppets for Sale:

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  1. yeah, shadow puppet or wayang kulit are came from indonesia, especially fromjava island.

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